Vote J.P. Donnelly

Jeffery Paul Donnelly, let me fight for you!

I am just going to cut to the point. I am a fighter. I don't believe in playing politics. I believe in getting things done, and bringing people together. As such, I have always been willing to get my hands dirty in the process. You may not fully understand it, but our Country and Freedoms are in at risk, in decline, and is riff with corruption. As a result, we need to come together and do something about it. 

My education speaks to my devotion of wanting to help others, after all. Most people do not intend on getting rich by majoring in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Art Education. They Major in these subjects because they want to help others. In fact I ended up bidding not once but twice in an attempt to get the former Oak Street Fire Station, back when the City of Springfield put this property up for for auction. I was one of two that offered bids. The other person lived half way across the country and wanted to just turn it into a house. I on the other hand wanted to turn in into a live work art studio. It was going to a place where I was going to be giving back to the community, by providing free art classes.. After being told that the committee loved the idea. The Committee then denied my proposal by saying that they did not want to put me into debt because I was not going to be taking out a mortgage in order to fix it up. i was going to use my savings. in order to bring this property back to its former glory.